Voice Changer

Voice Changer 1.5

Modifies the pitch of the voice in audio files

Changes the pitch and speed of the voice in prerecorded audio files. The tool supports the most popular audio formats: WMA, MP3, and WAV.

Voice Changer is a pretty neat and simple application created for the purpose of letting you easily change the pitch and the speed of a WAV, MP3, or WMA audio file. By using this tool and changing the pitch and the playback speed of an audio file, you will be able to modify the way the recorded voice playback sounds like. So, you can record your voice using a connected microphone and any sound recording utility, then save it to an audio file of the supported formats, and then load it into Voice Changer, and change the way it sounds, making it sound either just different or just funny.

Voice Changer is very easy to use. It comes with a neat, simple, and intuitive interface that can be used with ease even by complete beginners. It also allows changing the pitch from one semitone up or down up to one entire octave. The changes can be instantly previewed using the handy embedded player.

Once modified, the voice file can be exported only to a WAV file. Other output formats are not supported.

This tool is free, but it comes with limitations. For example, it can not modify the stream of a voice in real-time, as for example during a Skype conversation. It only supports previously recorded files. Anyway, it can still be pretty handy or amusing in plenty of situations.

Margie Smeer
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Review summary


  • Free
  • A neat interface
  • Easy to use
  • Supports 3 input formats


  • Can export files only to WAV
  • The interface is not customizable
  • Doesn't work with live voice streams
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